BRCPO9 - PO9 in the 9 o'clock plaza

Steward's Sale (DGS) registration is happening now. Campfees are due Feb 14th. Sale is March.

When will my USPS mail arrive? Then add 1-2 days, depending on when we go out to get the mail.

Want to be a Postie? Get in touch. Paid camp-fees, or work-trade prior to DGS, is how you get guaranteed tickets. If you're at BM2019, come help us load or MOOP, and get considered for 2020 (assuming we're back). If you got tickets in the lottery, and just need some camping space let's talk (we're mostly filled)...

brcpo9(at)g m a i l

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For example: PO9's reduced version of the 2018 Burning Man MOOP Map (7.6M vs 38M)
2018 inside
2018 outside

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The following #USPS addressing info for #BlackRockCity is current for #BurningMan2019. Please don't send mail until mid-August, or it may be returned to sender.

#PO9 is the box holder, and with #BRC3PO and #POatSix (PO@6) we continue to do delivery of USPS mail to the playa (as we have been since before the old BRCPO stopped doing general delivery).

For info/links:

Name of Findable Recipient: (legal name *and* Playa Name is best) - Can also be instructions

Camp Name

Camp Address: (Be specific, is there a huge sign? dome? red truck? Intersections are 4 blocks; use 9:01 or 8:59 and man-side or mtn-side to differentiate which block you mean (ie: 9 & F is a BAD address (could mean any of 4 different blocks) vs. 9:01 & F mtn-side)).

[Optional: Build week: [day; eg: m,t,w,th,f,s,su]]
[Optional: Hold: (specify: 3PO, PO6, or PO9)]

c/o BRCPO9
PO BOX 149
Gerlach NV, 89412-0149

No drugs (federal land; federal LEOs don't care what's legal in NV) - doggos will be sniffing your stuff.

No camp/building supplies/large items; eg: mail that shares space in a milk crate (a 12 inch cube is as large as we prefer) or a bike basket. Delivery persons go on foot and bike, not a mail truck.

(If you are desperate contact / twitter build week to make possible arrangements)

No signature confirmation items.

Parcels that are problems will be returned to sender.

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International Burners:

These are the valid stamps to be able to send something from BRC to a non-US destination.

You might not be able to grab these at the Reno airport/shopping, if you don't plan ahead (post-offices are mostly open 9-5 Mon-Fri) as most retail outlets only stock domestic stamps. If you can avoid buying in Gerlach, that is best - as it is a small post-office (and may easily have exhausted its stocks of international stamps by the time you get there), and is only open part-time hours.

Make-up postage solutions can be found on the current postage rates page - be aware that these solutions will seriously eat into your writing space on a postcard (upper right-hand corner, flowing left) if you use them. Being prepared is best, order ahead. Second best option is to buy a pile of domestic stamps, and come trade with posties.

You can't send anything (swag) in your letters home (as per UPU rule) - even if under 13oz. That includes unused stickers (why don't you apply them?). If it is obvious - your letter may get yanked by postal employees/machines, or come postage due (at parcel rates), or other bad things. If too many of you do it (push the envelope), you may ruin it for everyone, and the post office may make us inspect letters. The simple solution for us will be to refuse international letters.

Posties running a window:

Here's some helpful information on the current postage rates, what international stamps look like (hint: print this one out), what recent postcard stamps look like (ie: stamps you'll likely run into). Why should you care? Because it's easy to make mistakes when you aren't aware of look-a-likes and other problems.

A posties' page, for things you should buy or bring, and links for training you should review.

Postal Nerds / Philatists (and those who've never sent s-mail before):

We have a list of USPS resources, if you want to learn more about the mail.


internationals.pdf beware.pdf

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