PO9 Postie Info

Recommended 2019 stamp buy:

40-300x postcard
100-300x 5c (very important stamp this year; builds 15c, completes Int)
20-50x 1c
20x 2c
20-40x 15c (if you buy more of these, don't max 5c)

Letters - increased 10%, so we'd like to use up the community's stock, in the hopes of a price decrease in the future. Also, letter volume has decreased substantially. OTOH, they're a decent replacement for Internationals; two with a 5c makeup stamp.

Internationals - are lower than the Moon, but are still $1.15 apiece. Whatever you can afford, as foreigners never have US postage.

Other counter supplies:

Envelopes - we always need sleeves for non-compliant mail. (Don't go overboard; we don't need 1k)

Pens - are preferred over pencils (less MOOP). Always stolen, always dried up - bring a pack.

1x Glue stick - if you have one, bring it. We don't need these on a regular basis (no playa stamps this year), but when we need it - we need it bad.

1x Black Ink pad - especially if you brought stamping stamps. Wide and large, can be used for postmark as well.

1x Black Ink refill - If you bring a pad, bring one of these. Playa evaporates your ink, as well as high-use. Postmark eats these too, so we'll take extra/unused.

Postcards - if you're planning on your own print run of postcards, send email - there is advice and resources available to make better postcards (and don't print 10,000), as well as art criticism (yeah a postcard with your kid on it is lovely, but only the pedos look at it and say, "I want to send *that* one" - and then I get the willies in giving it to them. Everyone else nopes out)






Power cord(s): spray-painted with at least two color bands/stripes (if you like a particular color, chances are someone else picked the same color - but you're unlikely to have both picked the same two different colors (unless one of those colors is black or white)), plus white duct-tape (that takes pen) for your name. We have BMorg power. If you don't know what that is - it won't run what you want (eg: no A/C, no fridges). But it'll charge your electronics, fans, and lights. Two would be nice, extend the net - as well as reach to your tent. Heavy gauge is nicer.

Power strips/bars. Same as above for labeling. Needed because you're unlikely to be on the tail end of the net - the next guy is going to need to connect where your cord leaves off. In addition you're probably going to want to leave some battery chargers hooked up, or run lights *and* a fan. On/off switch is nice for lights.

Zero-gravity camp chair. Standard camp chairs get broken quick, and you'll be much more comfortable.
(manufacturers: NO: Sundaze Decor - YES: Caravan Sports, Pure Garden, Best Choice Products)

Rebar. We have metal cut-off blades and a re-bar bender. If you need tent stakes, or uprights for your shades. If you want us to buy and bring for you, make arrangements. Trailer leaves 17/18th of Aug.

Bike Lock. If you're renting a bike from us, bring a bike lock. If you've got your own bike, you need one. Don't get the super-cheap ones, but don't go over-board. You shoudn't be bringing thousand dollar bikes, in any case. You basically want to keep drunk people from picking up your bike, and casual opportunists. There are some career-thieves who go to BM; but drunk people, and unprepared people will be leaving unlocked bikes around for them to steal.

Thrift-store bed sheets. Higher count is better. Spread over your sleeping situation - keeps dust from settling on it. Inside your sleeping bag keeps it less dirty, too. Did you bump something and you're bleeding a little? Keeps this off your sleeping bag. Can't beat that for a $1 or $3.

[OPT:] Cot + wash basin. If you want to wash long hair, having this and a hair buddy is ideal.