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BEWARE! Common mistakes/frauds

The PO9 has run into a lot of mistakes (or maybe frauds?) when dealing with burners attempting to send mail.

Closing the barn door after the cow got out.

These are NOT valid postcard stamps (pre-sorted, only).

They do look a lot like the 2021 Barn postcard stamps, however.

USPS - making poor decisions.

How 'bout dem apples?

This is NOT a valid postcard stamp, check the face value.

It does look a lot like one of the 2013 Apples postcard stamps, however.

I think the USPS made a mistake in issuing something so similiar.

Round does NOT mean international.

Check the face value, 'Forever' is NOT 'Global Forever'.

I blame this one squarely on the USPS. In form and design, it is nearly identical to the Global Forever stamps. That's just lazy.

That's NOT a Moon!

Check the face value, 'Forever' is NOT 'Global Forever'.

Just because it's the Moon, doesnt make it a 'Global Forever' stamp.

The Earth is NOT alone.

Check the face value, 'Forever' is NOT 'Global Forever'.

Not all Earths are created equal. :)

You can download this as a (PDF 115kb)